About GuyTrendz

We love what we do!

We love the outdoors, gadgets, preparedness, efficiency, and trendy products. We shop around, read reviews, and spend time researching the best, high quality products. 

We also love Amazon shopping. Once we've done our research, we list awesome products and point you to Amazon for fulfillment.

Happy shopping!

So Which Products Do We Select?

We seek out trendy products for men. Some are seasonal, some are staples, and some are brand new on the market. Here's what we look for:

  • Quality, real gear - we hate cheap quality
  • Products with a lot of reviews 4-stars and up - we do our research and part of that is trusting the experience of other shoppers
  • Products sold as Amazon Prime - we want great customer service and easy fulfillment

Who Shops Here

  • 75% Male / 25% Female
  • Age 25-55
  • $80K+ Average household income

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